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Elegant Kosher Catering

Master Chef Yaakov Mizrachi,
of Elegant Kosher Catering ofSouth Florida,
has over two decades of experience in…
elegant kosher catering!


Having produced numerous functions at venues throughout Florida, Master Chef Mizrachi has consistently won rave reviews.


We invite you to check out his dazzling productions
and glowing testimonials on his website.


Chef Yaakov Mizrachi, of Elegant Kosher Catering will be
providing mouthwatering delicious meals at the highest standards
of flavor and Kashrus for the duration of Pesach in Hawaii

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Our Program Features:

Glatt Kosher

Shmura Matzah

Cholov Yisroel

Chassidishe Sh'chita


Fine Wines

Breakfast will be a light, cold  buffet of juice, cereal and milk, yogurts, cheeses, fruit and pastries.

Lunches and dinners will be beautifully catered gourmet meals. (See Menu)
Light refreshments will be available throughout Pesach.

For Chol Hamoed, there will be a take-out option for lunches,
so that you can enjoy daily excursions without going hungry!