“Pesach in Hawaii” is brought to you by Chabad of Hawaii,
a vibrant oasis of warmth and Yiddishkeit - both for those passing through and  kama'aina (locals) living in Hawaii.


Rabbi Itchel and Perel Krasnjansky, shluchim of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, have been directing and
organizing events and activities in beautiful Honolulu,
serving the local and visitor community since 1987.


The Krasnjansky's have 35 years experience in generous hospitality, hosting Pesach – and all things Jewish in Hawaii.



Pesach in Hawaii offers Non-Gebrokhts, gourmet meals which include a full breakfast, lunch, and dinner served throughout Pesach. Meals begin with dinner on Thursday, April 14 through brunch, Sunday, April 24.


Pesach in Hawaii observes the highest Kashrus standards. Our facility is under the kosher supervision of Rabbi Itchel Krasnjansky and a dedicated team of Mashgichim (kosher supervisors).

All Shabbos, Yom Tov, Chol Hamoed, and weekday meals will be served at the Trump Hotel.

To arrange private concierge service for Sedarim / meals in your suite, please contact us. 

Your rooms are to be reserved directly with the Trump Hotel at the portal established exclusively for Pesach in Hawaii guests, offering substantially discounted rates. Read more about booking your accommodations here.

Our goal is to provide a UNIQUE Pesach experience - an opportunity to enjoy, relax and spend Pesach in Hawaii so that you and your family can enjoy the unparalleled beauty that Hawaii has to offer.

View the Covid guidelines and detailed instructions on how to avoid the state-mandated 10 day quarantine here!

We strongly advise all guests to purchase travelers insurance. Click here to view our recommendation. We have arranged an experienced travel agent that will help you with all your travel needs!


Your spot at Pesach in Hawaii is on a first-come-first-serve basis, as this program is exclusive to the first 150 guests.

Please click on the links above to learn more about Pesach in Hawaii 2022.


To discuss Pesach in Hawaii, we would be delighted to have a personal conversation with you!

Please call Rabbi Itchel at 808-478-8891.