Covid Guidelines

Pesach in Hawaii will be practicing Covid restrictions and guidelines per the state of Hawaii.


Although Hawaii is one of the safest states with regards to COVID, nonetheless the following needs to be adhered to.

Please see below for guidelines re traveling to Hawaii and steps that need to be taken to avoid a 10-day quarantine.

Info and links to
Hawaii Safe Travels Guidelines

While Hawaii is the safest state in the United States currently, nonetheless, Hawaii’s Governor Ige has put in place stringent protocols for travel to the state. If you follow the protocols, everything goes smoothly –
and you will not have to comply with the mandatory 10-day quarantine. 


It is important to read the below carefully and follow all the steps in order
for you to have a fun, exciting, 
worry-free, quarantine-free Pesach in Hawaii!


Mandatory State of Hawaii Travel and Health Form (linked here)

You will need to set up an account with the state of Hawaii Safe Travels program.

This is the website to sign up for an account with the Hawaii State government to enter your travel and testing info. (You can / should set it up even before you get a test. )


After you set up an account, they will immediately email you a QR code. If you don’t receive a QR code immediately after registering, that means you did not complete your registration – and you need to go back into the site to create / complete your account registration. You must have that QR code to continue.


Input your travel itinerary

into your new Safe Travels account. (Remember to store your login
info in a place that you can retrieve it easily.)


Trusted travel partners listing (linked here)


Find a location that will give you the certified test Nucleic Acid Amplification Test (NAAT test), processed by a certified Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment (CLIA) lab - and ascertain that they will give you a test that is both acceptable to the Safe Travels program AND will get you a result BEFORE you TAKE OFF for Hawaii. (If you get results after you takeoff - even before you land - you will have to quarantine for two weeks.)


Again, the test must be administered by “TRUSTED TESTING AND TRAVEL PARTNERS”.

Well-known testing partners include CVS and Walgreens. (However, you MUST confirm that the test that you are taking is accepted by the State of Hawaii. As both of these places administer different kinds of tests.)

(Same travel partners are listed on the Hawaiian Airlines website; it just may be a little easier to read: insert link into your browser:


Take the Test within 72 hours of your last flight

IMPORTANT: Remember to take the test within 72 hours of your LAST LEG (flight) TO HAWAII. If you have a stopover en route, make sure to calculate the 72 hours prior to your latest flight.


Upload your test result

to the Hawaii State Safe Travels account that you created within 24 hours of you flight. (Ideal to have a hard copy (printed copy)  of your test results with you as well – extra insurance!)


Ensure you have a working cell phone

Your cell phone must be working when you land at the airport in Hawaii because they will
need to scan the QR code that you got in your email from your Safe Travels Hawaii account. (And they will be looking for your test results either in your Safe Travels account – or a hard copy that you have with you.)

 You can check all this out on Hawaii State Safe Travels website by clicking here!
This takes a little bit of time - but it’s worth it!
The important thing is to find a place that will get you results
that are both accepted by the State of Hawaii -  and quickly.
Good luck!